5 Tips on Lowering Your Kitchen Remodeling Costs

With today’s economic woes, a growing number of homeowners are getting more wary of spending more money for kitchen remodeling. For the past few years, people are coming up with ways to reduce kitchen remodeling cost. This just proves that any determined individual will be able to realize his dream kitchen without putting kitchen remodeling cost through the roof. The following tips can help achieve lower kitchen remodeling cost.

  1. Save what you can. Everything in the kitchen should not end up in the landfill. Kitchen cabinets can be refurnished. Electrical wirings and plumbing pipes can be rerouted. Solid-surface countertops can be glued and polished to take on a seamless look.
  2. Light it up! Homeowners can opt to reuse existing lighting fixtures or buy new ones to lighten up dark spots in the kitchen. To save on energy, take advantage of the kitchen’s location to take in natural light during daytime.
  3. Splash some new colors. Giving the kitchen a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way of creating a big difference. Almost everything looks new with a fresh coat of paint such as walls, cabinets, and counters. Matching accents can also be used to complement a new wall color.
  4. Save on the floors. Kitchen flooring can eat up a big chunk off the budget, which makes it necessary to consider lower-cost alternatives. Wood and tile laminates are a great choice. Also replacing clay tiles with porcelain tiles will cost less.
  5. Spread some fabrics. Believe it or not, the kitchen is a great place to use fabric as a decorative piece. A new tablecloth, fresh curtains, chair cushions, oven mitts, and potholders – these are just a few suggested pieces which can liven up a new kitchen.

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