Main Sewer Lines! Clear out the crap!

Lately, Best Plumbing Services has had a lot of calls about Main Sewer Lines. (Maybe because we are offering a $99.00 Main Sewer Line Clean out Special??) Either way, we thought we’d take the time to get out a few Main Sewer Line (Main Line) tips to our lovely blog followers! What is a Main Sewer Line you ask? The Main Sewer Line is the main drain pipe leading from the exterior of the residence or business to the city’s public sewer pipe connection or septic tank. Private property owners are responsible for the service line (main line) from the tap on the sewer main to the home or business. The home owner or property owner is responsible for any maintenance or blockages from the residence to the city’s line.  The city is responsible from the residence tap to the city’s public sewer line.  Main Line blockages can create quite a mess! No pun intended.

How can you detect if you have a main line blockage? Well, if you are doing laundry and the tub and toilet start gurgling you have a main line stoppage or clog. The main line always affects more than one line at a time. Unlike its friend the “Secondary Line Clog” where just one line is slow-draining or clogged (Best Plumbing Services has a $65.00 Secondary Line Cleaning Special)..

Now that you’ve determined what type of blockage you have, what should your next step be? We suggest checking to see if you have a “clean out.” What is a “clean out” and where is it located? Clean outs are pipes that connect to your service line and come out of the ground, usually level with the ground. The clean out is usually found at one of two places on your property: either under the home/business or 5-10 feet from the structure, usually near where the sewer service line enters the home or business. In most subdivisions constructed during the past 10 years, clean outs were also installed at the front property line. Some cleanouts are not easily accessible if they have been buried due to landscaping or other reasons. A clean out is important when you have a clog, it allows the plumbing contractor to access the line and run the Sewer Machine or Snake down the drain, it also allows the Plumber to run their Sewer Line Camera down the line so that you too can see the clog or blockage. If you don’t have a “clean out” don’t worry, the Plumber will either clean the Main Line from the toilet or from the roof vent.

Now, how to keep that Main Line Clear! Never pour grease down drains or into waste disposals (garbage disposals). The grease will turn into a hard solid that blocks lines and can result in a sewer back up; let grease cool down and dispose of it in trash. Don’t put vegetables or vegetable skins in waste disposals, they have natural oils in them. Frequent use of a waste disposal can contribute to blockages in service and main lines. Don’t flush Sanitary Napkins or Baby Wipes these can clog the line instantly. And the largest problem of all – Roots! Roots from trees can grow into the sewer line joints and obstruct flow.  We suggest yearly maintenance and cleaning of your main line, ask Best Plumbing Services for information on their Plumbing Service Plans.

We hope these tips help! Please feel free to call us at 800-838-3164 to schedule your yearly maintenance or clean out appointment! Best Plumbing Services is available 24/7! We’d be happy to clear out your crap! Again, no pun intended! =)