Saving Money by Replacing Your Old Shower Valve with A New Posi Temp Shower Valve

Every year, thousands of people in the United States get injured due to serious thermal shock or scalding. Severe thermal shock occurs when the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet or shower head is either too hot or too cold. Naturally, a person’s reaction is to avoid further injury by moving away from the water. However, due to the initial shock, a person may slip and fall, causing additional injury which can turn life threatening, such as the head hitting a hard object or surface.

Meanwhile, scalding injuries occur when very hot water accidentally comes out of the faucet or shower. This may be caused by faulty water heaters, defective temperature regulating valves, or worse, lack of any protective mechanism to prevent hot water from accidentally flowing into the faucet or shower. Sadly, nine out of ten accidents occur in the home, with babies, the elderly, and the handicapped being the most vulnerable for potential injuries. Water heaters are usually set to operate at 55 degrees Celsius to prevent the growth of most bacteria in the water heater. In comparison, water at 41 degrees Celsius and above is already very painful.

Moreover, water-borne diseases such as Legionnaire’s disease are caused by Legionella bacteria which thrive in under heated water heaters, storage tanks and dead-end piping. When the bacteria multiply at a rapid rate, the high concentration of bacteria may begin to pose a health risk. A traditional shower valve does not provide any protective mechanism to prevent water heaters from providing insufficient heat. Thus, fluctuations in temperature may occur, causing additional injuries.

The PosiTemp pressure balancing shower valve works by effectively managing water pressure, which in turn prevents temperature fluctuations from occurring. Fluctuations in temperature are usually caused by flushing a toilet, turning on a washing machine, or running a dishwasher. When correctly installed, the PosiTemp pressure balancing shower valve keeps the water temperature constant with a minimal +/- 1 degree Celsius variation. You can save money with the PosiTemp pressure balancing shower valve by preventing injuries from occurring.

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