Telltale Signs that Your Old Water Heater Has to Go

The water heater is the silent worker in out homes. People never really mind their water heater until they are deprived of their hot bath and get jolted by the sudden burst of cold water from their shower. Plumbers in California know this, and they usually advice their clients to check for common signs that the old trusty water heater is in its twilight.

There are many signs that a water heater may be in the end part of its service. The easiest to notice of these signs is corrosion or rusting. California plumbing experts suggest that owners check their water heater tanks for signs of corrosion every now and then. If the outer parts of the heater begin to rust, it may not be long before the equipment eventually dies down.

In some instances, corroded tanks could make water heaters leak. This brings us to the second sign—leaking. Leaks are very obvious manifestations of problems with the water heater. Hence, the moment you notice leaking, it would be to your advantage to immediately contact Plumbers in California to have the water heater repaired, or if no longer possible, replaced.

Water heaters have a limited lifespan. This is something that most owners forget. The average lifespan of a water heater in regular use could be around eight years. Barring any damage to its technical or mechanical aspects, a water heater can last up to ten years. However, you should take note that the best plumbers do not recommend stretching the services of water heaters beyond their capacities.

Nevertheless, replacing water heaters may not be a problem any more these days because many low-cost, yet quality brands already exist. Hence, it is now up to the owners to remember to check for signs of deterioration if they want to get the best out of their water heaters. Of course, if they could not do it on their own, Best Plumbing is always ready to provide services.