Stay Safe in the Bathroom with PosiTemp Shower Valve

At first glance, it may be hard to imagine how the simple mistake of failing to replace shower valve that has seen better days can cause quite a number of accidents in the bathroom. However, numbers do not lie, and the figures show that a significant number of bathroom accidents occur due to broken equipment. A faulty water heater shower valve is one of the main culprits of bathroom accidents, and it is not difficult to see why. In addition, there are also several diseases that may be acquired through contaminated water.

First and foremost, a faulty shower valve usually affects the water heater connected to it. The moment this occurs, the heater will be susceptible to temperature fluctuation, which in turn increases the chances that the water coming out of the shower becoming either too hot or too cold. Warm water suddenly becoming cold is a recipe for disaster as it could surprise a person taking a shower. The surprised person could slip and suffer injuries, which can be critical in cases where the head and spinal column are the parts that get affected.

Second, conventional shower valves are not made to maintain the temperature of water. The problem with uneven water heater temperature is that it could encourage bacteria growth. There are various water-borne diseases that may develop when the heater becomes inconsistent, and this can put the health of a person in jeopardy. Luckily, calling the best plumber in a particular area to replace shower valves can be done in minutes.

A very good alternative to conventional shower valves is the PosiTemp, an innovative shower valve that helps maintain water pressure, and thus ensures that temperature does not become erratic. The PosiTemp is indeed the best solution to water heater problems, and consequently to accidents and health risks associated with faulty bathroom fixtures. So, when planning to replace shower valves, make sure to tell the contractor to use PosiTemp.