Pelican Water Systems awarded the DVGW 9191!!!

Still not sure why you need a Salt-Free Water System from our friends at Pelican Water Systems?

Well, Pelican Water Systems NaturSoft Salt Free Media was just awarded the DVGW 9191 scale prevention certificate proving 99.6% scale prevention. “So what?” You say?

What you may not know is just how stringent the protocol is to get this certificate.

Standard NSF testing is a pass/fail requiring only 50% reduction in what you are claiming. Additionally, no company is required to publish their performance data, only pass or fail.

The DVGW 9191 is the toughest of all requiring 80% reduction to be awarded the certificate. Pelican NaturSoft was the highest EVER TESTED at 99.6%. Not only are they the ONLY SALT FREE PRODUCT ON THE MARKET with third party performance testing, they tested higher and more effective than salt based technology.

It’s time to send away those heavy bags of Salt and take the swap! Pelican Salt Free Water Systems are your answer! Call us today for a free estimate! 800-838-3164

p.s. Congrats Pelican Water Systems! We are proud to represent you!