Signs You Need to Call an Emergency Plumber

Did you know that the average household water leaks add up to about 10,000 gallons of wasted water each year? Leaks are usually an easy fix, and all it takes is one call to the emergency plumber. However, do they warrant an emergency service call?
Plumbing companies also operate during normal business hours. Plumbing emergencies, though, do not always pick a convenient time. Calling an emergency plumber costs more, so you need to be wise when deciding whether to call one. Keep on reading to learn when to call for emergency plumbing services.

What Is An Emergency Plumbing Problem?

Water Leak
Not all water leaks are a plumbing emergency. But, the moment you see some signs of extensive leakage, call an emergency plumber right away since water leaks can affect the integrity of your home. Some leaks are silent. Meaning, you do not notice the issue until after it has already done considerable damage to your home.
Mold and mildew may also form, which can result in serious health issues. It can cause respiratory tract symptoms, itchy eyes, asthma, and so on.

Dirty Water
The quality of water available in your home can have a huge impact on your health. Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as dysentery, cholera, polio, typhoid, and diarrhea. In fact, contaminated drinking water causes around 485,000 diarrhea-related deaths each year. If you notice the water coming out of your sinks is brown or dirty, call a plumber immediately. Typically, if the water is brown, it means that there is iron in the water and that you’re having issues with your heater. Blue or green water may indicate that there’s copper in your pipes.

Damaged or Burst Pipes
Damaged or burst pipes can cause flooding if left unattended. Flooding in your home is always bad news, as it can damage the structure of your home. A single burst pipe can release gallons of water in a short time. This can weaken the ceiling, walls, flooring, and furniture. This compromises the safety of the whole household.
The best thing you can do is to shut off the main water supply and call a plumber. Then, try to save any furniture and your other belongings to prevent further water damage. Burst pipes can be due to various reasons, but they are most common in the winter. The pipes can freeze, which will then cause damage.

Frozen Pipes
Frozen spigots and/or pipes could lead to having no water at all or flooding. In case a pipe is frozen, water will not just be unable to pass through it, it may cause it to crack, meaning when it thaws, there will be a risk of flooding. It is crucial to know the location of your water shut off valves and how they work. If you are unaware, your plumber will inform you.

Clogged Drains
Clogging is inevitable. At some point, we all deal with this problem but you should try to prevent it. Wipes, paper towels, Q-tips, hair and other items that end up in the pipes can clog the system. Do not throw these down the toilet, and try to remove hair from the drain as much as you can.
Some other causes are not as easily preventable. Tree roots can grow through the cracks and create blockages, for example. Such cases are also hard to identify, which is why you will need the best drain cleaning plumbing company.
Some signs of clogged drains are slow drainage, bubbling water, puddles of water and more. If you notice these, call a plumber because they might be due to more serious issues.

Foul Smells from the Drain
Smelling rotten eggs or sewage? This is most likely due to a broken sewer line under your home. Ruptured lines are plumbing emergencies because not only are they hazardous to your family’s health, but they can lead to a slab leak that is extremely expensive to repair.

Sagging Ceiling
Sometimes, the discoloration can come with sagging ceilings. This is a serious issue as it can lead to a total collapse.
If you wait, things will get even messier and more expensive. As such, this is an emergency. Turn off the water right away and call a 24/7 plumbing company.

Water Stains
Water stains on the ceiling do not usually appear until after the leak has been there for a while. That means water has already been soaking the ceiling and/or the floor for the same amount of time. If you are worried about the extent of the water damage, feel free to call an emergency plumber right away.

Overflowing Toilet
An overflowing toilet can be due to various reasons, such as clogged pipes or a damaged float mechanism. Either way, this issue is a huge nightmare to deal with.
Every time you need to turn off the water supply to temporarily fix an issue, you need an emergency plumber. This is one of those times; good thing it’s pretty easy to do. You only need to reach for the water valve behind the toilet and turn it clockwise.
You might want to try the plunger first, though. If that does not work and the toilet keeps overflowing, it is an emergency. You never want to lose access to your bathroom, especially if you only have one toilet in the house.
In some cases, you might need to turn the water off at the mains. This constitutes an emergency because that would mean you’d have no water until the issue gets fixed. Before you have to deal with water (and other undesirable objects) on the floor, call an emergency plumbing repair company.

Backed-Up Sewage
Whenever a sewer line backs up, sewage will simply sit at its backup point, triggering a health hazard. It will prevent you from running water or using your bathroom facilities, which will make living at home an inconvenient one.

Loss of Water
Not having access to water is likewise a safety issue because just like a sewer back up, it will prevent you from using your bathroom and other plumbing facilities. It will also prevent you from cooking and even from cleaning your home. As this is a hygiene issue, it is enough of a reason to call an emergency plumber. After all, this is not something you can fix yourself.

When Not to Call an Emergency Plumber
Plumbers are easy to call, but not everything requires their immediate attention. Some cases can wait until the next business day so you do not have to pay a costly fee.
Calling plumbers out of their normal business hours is more expensive. If you have a plumbing issue, first assess whether you can wait or do a temporary fix. Here are some examples of problems that can wait:

Dripping Faucet
Although leaks are a serious issue, a minor one can wait until normal business hours. A small leak under the sink, for example, will only need a small bowl underneath to catch the water.
However, make sure to call the next business day. A small drip can turn into a huge issue if left unchecked.

A Gurgling Toilet
Unless you have just flushed it, your toilet should be pretty quiet. If you start to hear a gurgling noise, the fixture may be trying to tell you that there is an underlying issue. Potential causes of a gurgling toilet include a blocked vent stack or even a blocked sewer line.

Slow Drainage
At some point, every sink or shower is subject to slow drainage caused by built-up debris like hair or soap build up, but when pipes all throughout the house become slow to drain, you could have a clog in the main sewer line. This is considered a plumbing emergency, so if you suspect a clogged sewer line, call a plumber immediately to come take a look.

Know When to Give Best Plumbing a Call
The best way to avoid calling an emergency plumbing service is to take good care of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t know enough about their plumbing system to make sure it stays in good shape. The simplest way to make sure you are keeping up with plumbing maintenance is to have a plumber take a look at your home every once in a while.
Spotting minor problems before they become major ones is the best way to keep your water on and save money. When a minor leak becomes a major one, you might end up having to call an emergency plumbing service rather than a regular plumber. Plus, you could end up with severe water damage in your home.
You should also be cautious about what you’re putting down drains, how you are treating fixtures and more. There are a lot of little decisions you can make to ease some of the burden on your plumbing system and help it stay in good condition for longer.
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