Warning Signs You Have a Water Leak in Your Yard

Warning Signs You Have a Water Leak in Your Yard

Dealing with a water leak on you property is a frustrating and potentially expensive venture. Water leaks are relatively difficult to locate on your own. Because of this, many water leaks go undetected for a long time. Unfortunately, the longer the leak goes undetected, the more damage it can cause and the more money it will cost you to fix it. It is worth noting that because your plumbing is a closed, connected system, a leak anywhere on your property can have effects throughout your yard and home.
Leaks can lead to hundreds of gallons of wasted water and since that water has to go somewhere, the structural damage to your home can be overwhelming to even think about. Knowing the signs of a water leak in your yard is the first step in taking care of your plumbing and avoiding unnecessary costs and headaches.

Where Does a Water Leak in Your Yard Come From?

Sewer Line Leak

The sewer line is the main pipe that collects and carries waste out of your home. All of your toilets, showers, sinks, and any fixtures with a drain line, connect to the sewer line. Sewer lines that develop leaks are generally caused by tree roots that grow inside the pipe. The tree root causes expansion inside the pipe and the pipe begins to break apart. If you notice puddles of sewage waste floating in your yard, you have a broken sewer line! The damaged section of pipe is leaking “fertilizer” into your grass, making it grow more than usual. You might even smell a foul odor when you’re outside.

Main Water Line Leak
When main water lines in the lawn incur damage that causes them to spring a leak, or worse, burst open, the signs are typically evident right away. Since water line leaks in the yard are a serious plumbing emergency, it is important to address the issues as soon as you discover it. The longer you wait to resolve a broken underground water line, the more costly and invasive the repair will be for the problem.

Leak in the Irrigation System
Underground leaks within your irrigation system cannot be seen, so they can be difficult to find. However, above ground there will be obvious signs that something below ground is leaking or has broken, and should be taken care of immediately, before it causes serious damage to your entire irrigation system. Checking for a leak in the irrigation system is pretty simple. First, you need to turn on your home’s water shut-off valve and make sure no one is using any water in the home. Next, locate your water meter and read for leaks. The most common area for a leak to be in an irrigation system is in the pipe between the backflow preventer and irrigation valve box. A malfunctioning valve inside an irrigation box could also be the culprit. Spurts of water at the base of a sprinkler––indicates a broken seal where the nozzle or riser meets the supply line beneath.

Signs to Look For
While no one enjoys experiencing a water leak, the good thing is that there are often pretty obvious signs that can help homeowners identify the problem. By keeping an eye on your yard and home and knowing what is normal and what is not, you can hopefully catch the problem earlier and avoid more expenses down the road.

You Water Bill Has Increased For No Reason

If you have noticed a sudden spike in your water bill, a water leak may very well be the culprit. Even the most minor water leaks waste far more water than you would think. In fact, even a small faucet leak can waste up to 90 gallons of water a day. Imagine how much water a serious leak in your water main line could waste. Water main line leaks waste a tremendous amount of water every day. You are not benefiting from that water, but you are paying for it anyway. If your bills suddenly seem higher and you cannot understand why, a leak may be the culprit. Fixing that leak will not only prevent expensive damage in the future; it will save you money now.

Unusually Low Water Pressure
If the water coming through your pipes is exiting where it is not supposed to, it could cause low water pressure in various outlets in your home. Low water pressure at sprinkler heads, faucets, or showerheads that do not have another explanation may be a strong sign that there is a water leak somewhere on your property.

Puddles Are Forming In Your Yard
Pooling or flooding in your yard is the most obvious sign. If your yard water line is leaking, all that water could be flowing out into your yard. When there is too much water in your yard, your soil cannot absorb it all. Instead, it rises to the surface as runoff or puddles. That water can inflict some serious damage so if you see puddles, give us a call right away.
An important note: the actual water main leak is not necessarily near where you see the water. As water seeps out of the pipe and rises through soil, it can move quite a bit. You should never attempt to repair your water main by digging yourself. You could miss the source of the leak and do all that digging for nothing! Instead, if you need help repairing a main line leak, call in the pros right away.

Overly Green Areas
For homeowners without green thumbs, random patches of healthy grass could be a sign of an underground leak. If you notice one green spot in an otherwise brown lawn, you might be dealing with a waterline leak. The water from the broken line may be inadvertently watering a patch of lawn, making one spot look greener and healthier than the surrounding space.

You Hear Running Water
This one may be a bit obvious, but if you hear running water either inside your home or in your yard, do not ignore it. You should never actually hear the water running through the pipes. If there is a breach in that system, you may start to hear water running through the pipe.
Start by listening for these leaking sounds in the lowest, quietest parts of your home. Open up cabinets and cupboards to see if you hear anything behind them. If you hear the sound of running water, there may be a leak outside or in your walls.

Cracked or Warped Walls or Concrete
An underground water leak can damage cement as it works its way into the material. If your leak occurs underneath a sidewalk or your driveway, this can lead to broken or cracked cement. Even more serious, if water travels underneath your home’s foundation, your slab can become damaged. It is important to be aware that if you notice this symptom in particular, you may have a water leak that has gone undetected for quite some time. We highly recommend having a professional plumber look at your plumbing to identify the issue and prevent further damage.

Foul Smelling Water
Stinky faucets and other outlets usually mean that dirty water or sewage is not being properly channeled out of the home due to a leak. If you notice unpleasant smells anywhere near your sinks, showers, or other water outlets, make note of it for your plumber.

What To Do If You Have a Water Leak In Your Yard
It can be tempting to avoid taking action on a water leak, because let’s face it, it seems like a small problem. However, that small problem can turn into major damage down the road if the problem isn’t fixed as soon as you identify it. If you notice any of these symptoms (and especially if you notice multiple), we recommend reaching out to your trusted plumbers at Best Plumbing. With top-level expertise and exceptional customer service that surpasses expectations; we have years of experience fixing leaks for homeowners just like you.
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