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Drain Cleaning and Video Pipe Inspection.


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One of the best ways to prevent major blockages and clogs in your drain pipes and sewer pipes is to have them regularly inspected. In days gone by this was virtually impossible but today, with the use of video pipe inspection equipment, it is a simple process. By routinely getting the pipes inspected and also hiring a plumber to complete a drain cleaning service as soon as you notice a problem you can reduce your emergency repair bills and avoid those messy clogs and backups.

Drain Cleaning and Video Pipe Inspection

Expert Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners, including those living in Riverside, Redlands or Moreno Valley through to Corona, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, have had the experience of trying to clean out their own drains using commercial clog removers. You may even have tried to do a more complete job by cleaning the P-trap under the bathroom or kitchen sink. While this may solve the problem on a rare occasion, when drains really slow down there is likely a more significant clog that what these do-it-yourself options will find and fix.

Expert drain cleaning done by a professional plumber will use a special device, known as a “snake” or an auger, to actually pull out the source of the clog. This is often a soggy mat of hair, grease, soap residue, food particles or solid objects that have gone down the drain. By completely removing the problem and then using a hydro-jet process to completely flush out the drain and pipes the problem is effectively fixed.

Video Pipe Inspection

One way to assess the reason behind a clog that is further down the drain or sewer pipe is to use a video pipe inspection camera. This is a small, waterproof camera and LED lights that are attached to a flexible cable. The cable and winch are fed through the pipes and the interior of the pipes can be inspected for damage, debris or areas of potential collapse and degradation.

By routinely completing video pipe inspection emergency drain cleaning is due to clogs is much less of an issue. At Best Plumbing Services we can complete a full inspection on your system and also assist with any emergency repairs you may need.

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