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Redlands plumbing services by Best Plumbing. We are in the plumbing business to help our community with outstanding quality and tireless customer service, the same values that Best Plumbing has maintained for the last 10 years of business. If you’re anywhere in Redlands, a trusted plumber can be there to help in no time. We are experts in general residential and commercial plumbing, sewer, HVAC and water service replacement, drain cleaning, leak location and repair, and water heaters. Our wide array of professional plumbing services in Redlands is one of the reasons we say, “We’re the BEST plumbers you can trust!”

Water Heaters

We install and service all types of Hot Water Heaters in Redlands…including Tankless!

Leak Detection

With over a 90% accuracy rate we can get the job done faster than others plumbers in Redlands

Drain Cleaning

24-hour emergency plumbing and drain cleaning services in Redlands. Don’t hesitate to call!


A running toilet, leaky faucet or leaky pipe can cost you hundreds of dollars if left unfixed. Contact our Redlands plumbers.

Pipe Inspection

Have a high water bill or do you constantly hear water running? Our Redlands plumbers can help.


What better way to add value to your Redlands home than a new Kitchen or Bathroom re-model!

Water Filtration

We offer the Best Choice for Soft Water Systems in Redlands! Call now for a free estimate!


Hydro-jetting is the use of a high pressure water hose to clear stoppages from drain lines in Redlands.

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As with most trades, technology is now an important part of the plumbing industry. This is true for in plumbing repair services, new installations, upgrades and maintenance work in Redlands as well as the surrounding areas.

Choosing plumbing companies that use technology as part of their service options provides real benefits to you as the customer. At Best Plumbing Services we use the latest in a range of different equipment and technology to ensure your project, either big or small, is done correctly and efficiently.

Detecting and Locating Leaks

One of the first signs of a water leak is a sudden change in your water bill. If you see this on your next bill, even if you don’t see water or hear a leak, give us a call. We can use a range of different equipment to help to locate the leak and complete the required repairs. In addition our experienced, licensed plumbers can often accurately predict where leaks are more likely to occur because of their extensive professional experience.


Waterproof inspection cameras are the perfect option for locating clogs once they occur. This is essential in reducing the cost of digging up an entire sewer line to try to determine where the problem is. They can be highly beneficial in determining if the clog is due to a build-up of material in the sewer line or if it because of some type of actual damage to the line. Tree roots, shifting of the ground or collapse of the pipe can all be easily determined and fixed accordingly.

In addition many types of new technologies are used in HVAC maintenance and repair. This is also true for new plumbing installs in home and commercial buildings in Redlands as well as in ensuring that the entire system is up to code. Technology is also found in the better quality of materials, including valves, fittings and pipes that can now be considered and recommended for plumbing in new homes or for upgrades to existing buildings.

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