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Toilet Repair.

The most common calls that we get from our clients, both old and new, is for some type of toilet repair. This may be an emergency call where the commode is backed up or won’t flush, or it can be because of damage to the fixture or constant leaking into or outside of the bowl and tank.

Most toilet repair problems are relatively easy to fix and will require only a short service call. In Riverside, Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Corona and Moreno Valley will strive to respond to these types of calls in the same business day to ensure you have a fully functioning bathroom as soon as possible.

Toilet Won’t Flush

If the toilet won’t flush because when the flush lever is depressed, it may be due to several issues. Check to make sure the rod or chain running from the flush lever rod to the connection with the flush valve in the center of the toilet tank is still connected. Sometimes this wire or chain can shift out of the hole on the rod and the tank will not empty into the bowl.

If there is no water in the tank then you may have a problem with the water supply to the toilet. This type of toilet repair will require looking for the problem in the plumbing lines that run to the toilet. It may also be a problem with the flush assembly and it may need to be replaced.

Clogged Toilet

Toilets can be clogged themselves or their may be a clog or blockage in the sewer line itself. Typically if there is a clog in the sewer line other fixtures in the house will be draining slowly or not at all. In some cases sewage may actually be backing up into the fixtures, which is a health concern and certainly unpleasant.

We are available to check out any problems you may be having and provide a full range of toilet repair services. At Best Plumbing Services we can also provide routine maintenance on your sewer system to make sure clogs and blockages don’t become a problem.

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